Friday, August 13, 2010

Aqua Bootcamp

So first a little business.  Today was weigh in and you can see this info up in that right tab that says Weigh In.  I am down 0.2lbs, could it have been more, well yes.  I am happy with my performance this week?  You betch ya!  I went to a wedding where I overindulged in the drink a little.  Visited friends at the cottage where I devoured too many Crispers and then got my time of the month.  The fact that I am not posting a gain, shows me that I did the work necessary this week.  Eating right most of the time and hitting the gym. Knowing that I have a family reunion this weekend, I am thrilled that I consciously did not let this turn into a week and a half off plan!

Alright back to the title of this post.  Last night I went to Aqua Boot camp.  WOW what a workout!  I was like a normal cardio class only in the water.  We worked so hard, this is one I will definitely keep going to. It was so much fun and a great workout.  I am not sore this morning but feeling a little tightness in the arms and belly.  I am so happy to have returned to a class of some sort.  At my peak fitness I was a joiner, joiner of dance classes, skating clubs and any group activity.  Since then I started hiding feeling unworthy.  But I have shut that voice up and here we are taking part in group fitness activities and loving it.  It makes it seem like fun to me rather than just going to the gym and getting on a machine.  Which I still fully intend to do but this is a bonus that's for sure! What a change 2 and half months has brought to my life!  I am so happy it's ridiculous.

So now I am off to enjoy the first family reunion on I think 10 years, the first one I am an adult for that's for sure.  This weekend is all about family and enjoying their company.  And this is no small reunion we're talking a family with 13 kids, 69 grandchildren and God only knows how many great-grandchildren.    I will meet people that I have only heard about in stories.  Have a great weekend everyone!




  1. Hi Leah - congrats on your weightloss so far! I've never heard of aqua bootcamp it sounds like so much more fun than the regular aqua aerobics.

    - CJ

  2. It was way more fun. I have to agree. I have no idea if it's something my local YMCA invented or if there is truly such a thing available everywhere. Thanks for commenting CJ!

  3. this sounds really fun. i am going to have to look into and see if they offer it anywhere in DC! something like this may even convince me to put on a bathing suit without fear (well...too much fear!)