Friday, September 16, 2011


So I weighed in the afternoon.  First step in getting back on track.  Weigh myself.  The verdict is not good, it's downright horrible.  262.8lbs....ugh. Up almost 20lbs.   I am disappointed but truly not surprised.  How could I be?  I have been moving less and eating more.  And the longer I pretend that I haven't slipped the further I fall.  Well, ladies and gentleman:


But don't count me out just yet!  I am back with a renewed sense of control.  I will ease back into this which I know some will say.  Go big or go home.  But for me the best has always been slowly but surely.  This week I will track my food.  I will write it all down.  I will get to the gym 3 times.  No excuses!  Weigh in Friday, afternoon when I get home from work! 

For now I am off to meet my brand new niece.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Ready to get back at it.

Hello everyone, 

I would have to say that although I hate to admit, my weight loss came to a stand still the moment I stopped blogging.  Although I continued to go to the gym daily until June, I was just not seeing the results.  This summer I chose to allow myself to get derailed.  I would love to blame my busy schedule, the insane amount of traveling I did, life in general could be blamed but the reality is I made my choice.  As they say, I made my bed and now I have to lay in it.  Last post I weighed 246lbs, I was finally back into it.  Seeing results again.  What happened I am not sure.  I really think the best strategy here is just to get back on the horse.  Put one foot in front of the other and be grateful that I did not get back up to my all time high of 292lbs.  I likely sit today close to 260lbs, although I have not weighed myself in WEEKS.  I promise a weigh in on Friday morning.  I promise I will have a plan in place and implement it on Monday September 19th.  

I will blog.  I will track. I will move. I will be healthy!