Saturday, October 16, 2010

WOOHOO!!!! It's the weekend!

I am so happy to have a quiet morning today.  My husband is away this weekend which means that there will be no construction and plenty of time for me to get all those little nagging chores done and out of the way.  I plan on heading into school tomorrow with a coworker and getting the last of my room set up.  I am thrilled that next week will be the start of the rest of the year for me.  I have a great program planned that will now get implemented.  YAY! 

Health wise things are going pretty good.  TOM showed up yesterday so today I weighed in again and was pleasantly surprised to see that I weigh 256 which is much lower then yesterdays weigh in right before I got TOM.  So excited!  Looks like I will hit that 30lbs mark over at A (Nu)de Motivation next week and that will be quickly followed by my reaching a total of 40lbs loss from my highest weight.  Even with the crazy stress from the last few weeks I have been able to keep my goals in mind even if they sometimes took the back burner for a few days.  

I am also, so very very proud of my husband who has noticeably dropped pounds right along with me.  We are going to be a smokin hot couple by spring.  We may have to call up our photographer for some new sexy photos.  

Well it's a beautiful fall day here and I'd like to get out and enjoy it.  Off to do chores and hopefully get out there and enjoy some of this glorious sunshine!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Weigh In Friday!

Hello again,

Things here are finally moving in the right direction again, I weighed in this morning at 258.4lbs giving me a total loss of 33.6lbs so far.  YAY! I am really excited about things moving again. My eating has been good off and on, this week, not over eating that's for sure but not always making the best choice either.  This weekend will be great for getting myself set up for more success.  I plan on spending quite a bit of time working on school things which will alleviate most of my stress.  Things will then run the way I want them to.  Working out was great, I missed my Monday workout due to Thanksgiving but got all my other workouts in.  I also started teaching 4 sections of dance at school which means I get to move around for at least an additional 4 hours a week which is wonderful.  It's so nice to teach something fun and the kids seem to be enjoying it which I was worried about.  Alright, I am off to work.  I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a day!

I had one of those days you know the ones where you run and run and run and get so frustrated because you feel like you are going no where.  No what I mean?  Well I felt like that today with my work and my eating.  With work I just feel like perhaps I am not doing my job as well as I could be, I am at a loss of what to do with a particular group of students.  Nothing I seem to do gets there attention or their focus.  I know I am the french teacher that none of the students like, that parents don't support and that colleagues chuckle at when I say I have had a rough day with their classes but gosh this has got to get better.  I really do love my job 99% of the time today was just one of those days where I don't.  They happen and I know tomorrow will be better.  Food wise, I forgot to pack my lunch so I ended up eating what was available in the school, a small chocolate milk, cheddar sunchips and a piece of apple pie.  What the heck kinda lunch is that!!!  No wonder the scale is NOT moving for me.  My sweet hubby is away this weekend and I am hoping to use that time to plan out my school schedule, get organized and get focused again.  I really am missing that loss on the scale but I am thrilled that it has not moved up.  

Hope you all have had a better day!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I know it's been a while since I posted but things have been as I have been saying nuts.  They should settle down after this next week and then things will get back to normal.  I'd like so commit to posting every other day after next week.  I weighed in on Friday but for got to update.  I am back down to 260lbs. which is great but no further weight loss.  After this weekend which is Thanksgiving here I'll get back on my regularly scheduled eating program.  I have been eating ridiculous amounts of sugar which is horrible for me.  I am thinking maybe a week or two of counting calories maybe in order to get me back on track.  In other happier news, I went shopping with my mom this weekend and was able to fit into many regular XXL or XL shirts in the stores.  YAY!  Also size 18 plus size pants fit wonderfully, the ones I have here in my closet are not plus size so they are snug but I can definetly do them up.  5 more lbs and I think I'll be there.  The size 18s fitting nicely though was a great thing to see at the store.  I am official down another pant size!  Horray for smaller pants! 

I hope all my Canadian readers are have a very Happy Thanksgiving!