Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who knew???

Who knew that aqua fit could be so much fun.  Yesterday after pumping out a fabulous 35 minutes on the elliptical and then 25 minutes on the bike I realized that there was a aqua fit class about to begin.  I have never done one of the these classes but have always always been very curious about them.  So I mustered up all my courage and went to the class.  And ya know what?  I had fun and it was great exercise.  I do believe tonight I am going to get to the gym early so that I can try the aqua boot camp class that is offered!  I am so happy that going to the gym is beginning to feel like just a normal part of my day.  That was a huge goal for me when summer started.

My food intake was really good yesterday too.  Good healthy eats, with no snacking!  YAY!  Victory is mine.  The scales showed a modest drop today but I highly suspect I am carrying extra weight due to TOM.  :(

Well I am off to enjoy another beautiful day!



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