Friday, August 13, 2010

Aqua Bootcamp

So first a little business.  Today was weigh in and you can see this info up in that right tab that says Weigh In.  I am down 0.2lbs, could it have been more, well yes.  I am happy with my performance this week?  You betch ya!  I went to a wedding where I overindulged in the drink a little.  Visited friends at the cottage where I devoured too many Crispers and then got my time of the month.  The fact that I am not posting a gain, shows me that I did the work necessary this week.  Eating right most of the time and hitting the gym. Knowing that I have a family reunion this weekend, I am thrilled that I consciously did not let this turn into a week and a half off plan!

Alright back to the title of this post.  Last night I went to Aqua Boot camp.  WOW what a workout!  I was like a normal cardio class only in the water.  We worked so hard, this is one I will definitely keep going to. It was so much fun and a great workout.  I am not sore this morning but feeling a little tightness in the arms and belly.  I am so happy to have returned to a class of some sort.  At my peak fitness I was a joiner, joiner of dance classes, skating clubs and any group activity.  Since then I started hiding feeling unworthy.  But I have shut that voice up and here we are taking part in group fitness activities and loving it.  It makes it seem like fun to me rather than just going to the gym and getting on a machine.  Which I still fully intend to do but this is a bonus that's for sure! What a change 2 and half months has brought to my life!  I am so happy it's ridiculous.

So now I am off to enjoy the first family reunion on I think 10 years, the first one I am an adult for that's for sure.  This weekend is all about family and enjoying their company.  And this is no small reunion we're talking a family with 13 kids, 69 grandchildren and God only knows how many great-grandchildren.    I will meet people that I have only heard about in stories.  Have a great weekend everyone!



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who knew???

Who knew that aqua fit could be so much fun.  Yesterday after pumping out a fabulous 35 minutes on the elliptical and then 25 minutes on the bike I realized that there was a aqua fit class about to begin.  I have never done one of the these classes but have always always been very curious about them.  So I mustered up all my courage and went to the class.  And ya know what?  I had fun and it was great exercise.  I do believe tonight I am going to get to the gym early so that I can try the aqua boot camp class that is offered!  I am so happy that going to the gym is beginning to feel like just a normal part of my day.  That was a huge goal for me when summer started.

My food intake was really good yesterday too.  Good healthy eats, with no snacking!  YAY!  Victory is mine.  The scales showed a modest drop today but I highly suspect I am carrying extra weight due to TOM.  :(

Well I am off to enjoy another beautiful day!



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Curse of the Snacks

Last night my husband and I went to visit some friends that we have not seen in years.  They were cottaging not too far from where we live and so they invited us over.  I had already decided that I was going to be the DD so no pressure to drink.   I did really well until dinner drinking lots of water and just enjoying but then we all went down to the dock to star gaze and our friends wife brought down with her all this junk food.  I have gotten really good, at choosing a good snack when there is one available.  What's still troubling me is when there is not alternative.  I need to work past this.  I need to repeat and repeat that No Thank you until people accept it.  I was not hungry, I though I'll have a just a few, well I know darn well I can't have just a few, and I didn't have just a few and today I was staring at a gain on that scale.  CRAP!!!

Well today is a new day, and I'm off to a fresh start.  I'll be heading for an extra long workout at the gym today and lots and lots of healthy eating for sure.  So I guess this leaves me with lots of time to think of the things I can do to avoid snacking when visiting....hmmmm...any thoughts?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Women Food and God

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day full of sunshine.  I spent most of it lazing around and as I was just about the head out to the gym, the phone rang, it was my husband: "Ummmmm yeah, about you going to the gym, I have your car you can't"  Oh well!  I guess that changes the plan.  So no workout!

My food intake was really good though.  It was a wonderful low cal food day.  I usually don't make anything good for myself if the husband is not home but last night I made the most delicious open-faced sandwich.   I grilled chicken in a curry paste and then cut it up into little pieces.  Toasted some thin flax bread.  Then put avocado and humus on the toast, followed by the chicken.  Then I added grilled red pepper and onion and topped it off with a little goat cheese.  Put it under the broiled till the cheese melted and OMG it was delicious!  Sooooo yummy.  I enjoyed every morsel.  I wish I had taken a picture.

Speaking of food, yesterday I was watching Oprah, which I don't usually do but Geneen Roth author of Women Food and God was on the show.  I had to watch.  Have you read this book? If you haven't I highly suggest it.  She talks in great length about how to repair your relationship with food.  She talks about how we are so worried about dealing with the emotions that we are feeling that we hide them in food.  I have to admit I've done that since I was a teenager.  Reading this book changed the way I eat forever.  I am certain of that.   I really think in order for there to be true change in your life, you have to be willing to deal with your life.  I for a long time didn't talk about the hurt I went through as a teenager.  Our difficult family situation, with my brother living with other family members because he was too much for my Mom to handle.  The way I dealt with it was to turn to boys, I needed attention and I got it.  Although not the attention I needed or wanted.  It took me a long time to realize that, the hurt I experienced then was over, that I was allowed to go on and be happy. That I was never going to be in that position again, so it was ok to let go of that fear and move forward.  I have struggled for almost 1/2 my life now with my weight.  14 years is a lot to give up.  I  will not live a passive life for the next 14 years to come.  This book is like being given the key that opens a door that has been locked for so long.  I feel like I have been banging on this door for ages, on the cusp of knowing what to do but never being able to open the door.  With this book, I open the door and began the work needed to walk through it.  On the other side of that door way, I am so happy with my life and the blessings that have bestowed upon me.  I need to keep walking now further and further away from this door.  But I know this time that I will success for I am not trying, I am doing.



Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Monday....

I weigh myself everyday, even though I only really weigh in on Fridays.  I like to see where I am at each day.  I don't let it bother me one way or another but Monday always tells me how I did over the weekend.

So Friday last week just before I left I weighed in at 269.2lbs.  WOW!  I was thrilled, I know you can't believe it I am thrilled about such a large number, but you see I haven't been 260 something since last summer, this is progress here people.  This brought my total weight loss to 22.8lbs! Again i say WOW!!!

This weekend was filled with a really good friends wedding, so lots of food, open bar, and the best friends a girl could ask for!  I enjoyed every single moment of it.  From the vows, and speeches to the dancing and drinking.  It was all amazing!  I felt great, the girls commented about how great I looked!  It was just what I needed.

Today though is Monday, the day that reveals the truth about my eating and drinking this weekend. And it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, it wasn't good either, but it was worth it.  I weighed in this morning 2.2lbs heavier then Friday.  Weight I am sure will just melt away this week as I eat good and work this ass at the gym!   You know what though, that wedding was totally worth it.  Seeing all my university girls in the same place, at the same time for the first time in 3 years.  TOTALLY worth it!!!!

Enjoy your Monday!



Sunday, August 8, 2010


I would like to welcome you to my new blog.  I have been working on my weight since the spring of this year when the scales hit an incredible 292lbs.  As I have been moving through this journey, with the support of family and friends, I stumbled upon the blog world.  I discovered that there are so many like me out there doing their thing, losing the weight 1 pound at a time.  Like so many others I am looking for health and a longer life.  I no longer wish to be a bystander in my life.

I look forward to weighing in here every Friday, without fail.  I will write about the challenges and rewards of weight loss.  I will comment and discuss interesting things I find on the web.  I hope you enjoy the reading my blog and following my journey.