Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a week!

This week it just seemed to never end!  But alas here is the glorious weekend I have been waiting for.  I hit the gym 3 days so far this week and will squeeze in another workout today or tomorrow.  I also ate really well this week and was rewarded with a 1.5lbs loss!   I was so sore on Thursday that a workout was just not possible.  This boot camp class is literally kicking my ass and although it is so painful it is giving me something to work towards and I am always so proud when I finish the class!  

Today really showed me how far I have come since June.  In June, I remember being baby crazy, my hormones where out of whack severely.  Thankfully with the weight loss and exercise things have settled and I am back to my normal self.  I know in June, if I had received the news I got today, someone we are very close with announced they are expecting, I would have been green with envy.  Today when my husband told me the news I was blissfully happy for the couple.  What a welcomed changed.  And a reminder that not all my success come on the scale.  My life is so much fuller and richer then it was in June.

I am looking forward to breaking into the 240s at some point soon.  I am just gonna keep on plugging away at this and I know that I will be successful.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have been overwhelmed lately by the things in my life requiring my attention.  From my school work to my job, from the gym to my house work.  All of it seems to be overwhelming.  I know this feeling will pass and that I must keep plugging away at my weight loss no matter how slow it is.  Alright, enough with the pouting onto bigger and better things.

I started taking a boot-camp class and I must admit it is kicking my very large ass. I do feel a little self conscious in there as I easily outweigh the girls in the class by at least 70lbs.  However, I am so proud that I did not quit.   This week and last week girls have just up and left part way through class.  I have stuck it out.  My goal for next week is not to whine while I am there.  I want to be there. I need to be there.  It's really good for me.  I really need to focus on my self talk while I am there and ignore what the other women are doing.  I can do this!  No one is judging me.  

Although, my post have grown sparse know that I am still plugging away at this journey.  I still read everyone's blogs and will still post about my progress when I get a minute.  I hope life is treating you all well.