Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cautiously Celebrating.

So my scale this morning......... WOW.......... 245.2lbs.  I am thrilled but cautious that this may not be true weight loss.  I have been sick for the last week with a wicked head cold.  I even took a few days off work mid week.  That being said.  I ate normally on Thursday and Friday I even had dessert after dinner so I am not sure what to make of this.  I'll celebrate and work to keep it there. 

Things have been going fairly well with me lately.  I am finally listening to my body again.  Twice in the last two weeks I've stopped eating a dessert mid way through and thought, "I really don't want this anymore"   That to me is amazing success.  Even more so then the number I saw this morning.  Last Friday I was about to binge on candy when I decided to stop, after only 3 pieces, put the candy down and go get something with more nutritional value.  I think things will start to fall into place again.  I have been stagnant lately, and I guess that's ok.  We don't constantly need to be losing, although it's nice, to be successful.  Every pound I lose, that I keep off, is better for my body.  I'm not chasing a specific end date here, just looking for overall health.  For a while, I had forgotten that and was getting down on myself.  This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change.  And for me anyways, if this lifestyle change is going to last a lifetime, it's going to be a slow change.  All the small little changes add up in the end.   

Have a great weekend!