Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weigh In Saturday? Ooops!

So in my frantic hurry to get to work on time I forgot to weigh myself before I got out the door.  But I got to it this morning.  And success I weigh 259.9, YAY!  I am thrilled with my progress.  This was a particularly stressful week for me and I still experienced great success.  

To say that I am excited about my new position is an understatement.  I foresee my best teaching year to date.  I just can't describe how happy I am.  I have a wonderful class, a great schedule and fabulous colleagues.  What more could a girl ask for?  Ok so the hour drive each way sucks but that's ok, I can live with that.  It was like coming home after a horrible vacation.  Only thing to do now is get organized and get on task with my students.  So much to do now!  YAY!  

Well I have a weekend filled with renovations and classroom planning.  I probably won't touch base again until Monday. 

Have a great weekend.


  1. It's good that things are going smoothly for you. Helps focus on all the other things we want to achieve.

    By the way, what are you teaching? I mean, I know I am pretty curious, feel free to ignore the question, but I was wondering... (^v^)

  2. Thanks Raegun!

    Diandra - I teach grade 7 and 8. My core class is an Extended French class (late immersion) and the rest of the time I teach Core French.