Monday, September 20, 2010

So Frustrated

I have been away from my blog for the last few days because I have been so frustrated with a work situation that I am not making the best health decisions.  The long and short of it is that last year I worked at an amazing school with a great class that I loved.  That job was given to someone else who was a permanent teacher.  Then,  I got a permanent job. YAY! But don't really like it.  BOO.  Now that teacher that was placed into my perfect job was moved and I am not allowed to go back to my old class unless I resign from my permanent job which I can't do.  I just feel like I have been shit on.  Stupid union.  I just don't understand why they can't put a temp teacher in my current position for the year and let me do the full time gig for the year.  It's such a huge pay difference.  But alas, it's very much like my food problem.  If I take the short term reward, the full time job, I lose the long term benefit, having a guaranteed job.  I need to work through this but I am so frustrated.  I want to go back to the moment where I was thrilled about having a permanent job, because right now I feel like a bratty kid who is complaining because she didn't get her way. 

So I haven't been eating great, I did some baking, lazed around and felt sorry for myself.  It's not making me feel better so I need to get off this pity train and be happy that I have a job.  So I am off to Zumba which I have been looking forward to for weeks now.  I am sure it will put a smile on my face. 



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about that. I totally don't blame you for being frustrated - I would be too! I hate stupid rules that don't make any sense.

    Hope Zumba cheers you up - it looks so fun and I've been dying to try it!

  2. That sucks. But I am sure you'll make the best out of it. Wishing you good luck!