Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time for a Plan

Things are looking pretty good today.  The weight gain from the family reunion is almost gone.  Hopefully with another good day of eating and a great workout this evening things will be back on track.  So I feel like I have a large goal in mind which is to get to 190lbs before next August but I need some time of daily plan so that I have better focus.  So here's what I have planned for the next 7 days.

  1. Go to Aqua Bootcamp Tuesday and Thursday 
  2. Workout at home or in the gym all other days at least 30 minutes
  3. Drink lots of water ( I am aiming for 4 glasses a day to start) 
  4. Eat mindfully (Check in with myself, am I really hungry?) 
  5. No junk food! 
I know if I stick to this plan I will be looking at another loss.  Any loss would be great.  I am really looking forward to hitting the 250s.  I need to remember to stay focused and be patient so that I don't get down on myself over a number.  I often get a head of myself and then become self defeating even though I know I have come a long way from 292lbs at the end of May.  Well it's another beautiful day and I am off to enjoy it! 



  1. Oh how I love lists and plans! The only way I can accomplish ANYTHING!

    Congrats on your awesome weight loss so far!

  2. Thank you! I would agree that a list helps a lot!