Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weigh In and An Update

Sorry for my long absence but this week was insanely busy!!!  Lets start with the bad.  My weigh in was not good.  I am sitting this morning at 262.2lbs after being at 259.9lbs last week.  I am not being too hard on myself though.  It was my birthday this week and my first week back at a full time job.  The birthday had cake and treats multiple times and the work had my stress levels soaring!  I will admit that my eating has been a little out of control.  Tones of snacking and treats and such.  So this week I must get back on game.  

On the bright side, I made it to all 5 of my workouts.  I am thinking perhaps some weight training might be necessary but I think I'll wait it out another week.  I am already feeling a little overwhelmed with all I am committed to.  I am hoping that next week I will really settle into a routine at school and feel like things are up and running.  

Oh well one minor set back is not going to derail this train.  



  1. Good job on getting in all of your workouts. Just stick with it and the weight will drop. Hope you're liking the new job!

  2. Keep up with your healthy lifestyle, and your weigh will continue to drop pretty soon.