Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well it's Sunday and now that I am like every other 'normal' person out there I have to get ready for the work week ahead.  So today I think I will take sometime to do any prep for dinners this week that can be done ahead of time.  For some of our meals this means I can cook it this afternoon like the curry we plan on having and for others I can just get a head start like pre-making my turkey burger patties.  I really hope that this will get ride of the evening dinner crunch we are feeling.   Getting to the gym 4 nights a week for classes is wonderful but we're having to rush dinner and not making the healthiest choices.

Also, I need to do a major clean up today since next weekend is Thanksgiving and my parents are coming for a visit! YAY!  I am so looking forward to all the delicious Thanksgiving food.  I love me some pumpkin pie that's for sure! I still plan on enjoying all the delicious food prepared even if it's not the healthiest thing out there.  You got to enjoy life along this journey too and there are days on the calendar where traditional foods are the better choice.  I am thinking Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter type holidays.  This doesn't mean I need to stuff myself till I am sick though!

I have a busy day ahead.  Have a good one!



  1. Good idea, Leah - planning ahead and getting some cooking prep out of the way always makes it easier through the week. You should share your curry recipe - I'm looking for a good one!

  2. Planning ahead is essential with a schedule as tight as yours. With deep-frozen vegetables, it's way easier to stick to your healthy eating, and they are almost as healthy as really fresh ones!

  3. I always feel better when I plan ahead. I tend to do it for a week and then drop the ball. I will have to get back to planning. Thanks for the post and reminder, Leah.

  4. I'm terrible at planning. I was so busy this weekend with other things that I ended up taking the easy way out - stocking up on Lean Cuisine paninis. Delicious... but certainly not the best choice.

    I agree - depriving yourself on holidays and special occasions simply leads to poor choices later on. It's better to allow yourself to enjoy what everyone else is having. I'm lucky in that I don't actually like traditional Thanksgiving food, so I shouldn't have a major problem next weekend.