Thursday, October 21, 2010


I just can't believe how hard old habits are to break.  With all the progress I have made I still end up slipping into my old habits of eating out for lunch, running through the Tim Horton's drivethru and stealing a can of Coke out of my friends office fridge.  I really need to get these under control.  They are completely sabotaging my progress.  They are sneaking in and eating up my calorie deficits.  So over the next few weeks I will work at eliminating these 3 nasty work habits.   First to go, "stealing" Coke out my friends fridge.  When I do this I am just looking for something to drink.  I need to remember to pack my water bottle and keep it full.  Second, Tim Horton's is costly me dearly. did you now that my beloved double double packs a whooping 230 calories, add to that the donut I can't live without at 260 calories and my morning coffee run is costing me big time! Lastly, eating out for lunch hasn't been too bad, I typically run to the grocery store for a salad but that is hurting my wallet when I consider what I can make a salad for at home.  Also, it's hard to control how much of what is in them and many of them have lots of cheese.  

So that's it, I need to nix those 3 habbits ASAP!  And I know I can I just need to rework my routine a little so that these choices are less tempting.



  1. Good luck on nixing those habits.

    I had to totally start making all my food for lunch at home. Bc even when I would attempt to get something "healthy" for lunch, it would never be as healthy as I thought. Or it would be loaded with sodium.

  2. I decided to give up drive-thrus for October in order to get my caffeine addiction in check. I had a habit of going to Starbucks every morning for a huge coffee-fix. It has taken me a few weeks now, but I finally feel I've conquered it! You can do this!!!

  3. Yeah, nasty habits... well, hunt them down and kill them, one after the other. (^v^)