Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weigh in Saturday!

So it seems that since I started working I often don't have enough time to weigh in on Friday mornings but if I don't I will get it in on Saturday.  Today I got to see great success vs last week.  I weighed in at 255.5lbs.  I have admit for a minute I was disappointed because I weighed in at 256lbs on about Tuesday so the loss did not seem as huge to me until I went back to my weigh in page to put it in a realized that I loss 2.9lbs in a week.  Funny how quickly your perspective can change.  

Today should be a nice day, my progress reports that are due Monday are already done and my sister and brother in law are in town visiting.  I am going to take a quick trip into town to do some shopping for a bday present for my SIL, and to order a few bathing suits from Sears since I don't think I'll find a good one on the rack anywhere in my little town.  And I may just treat myself to one pair of pants that fit properly, I know that big pile of regular 18s will fit in just a few more pounds but I desperately want a pair of jeans that fit right now and right now a 18 plus fits that and that my friends is so exciting. 

I finally received a bunch of wedding pictures yesterday from the photographer ( I waited for ever to order them, like 2 years. lol) and they are gorgeous.  I can't believe that I already weigh less they I did in those pictures. On my wedding day I weighed approx. 265 and I say approx because I stopped weighing myself when my diet failed, and of course it did it was a diet.  They are the most beautiful pictures and it was the best day of my life thus far.   

Alright, well I am off to enjoy the day!



  1. Congrats on all your success this week, Leah. 2.9 pounds is fantastic! I know exactly what you mean about wanting a pair of pants that fits. I was actually just blogging about the exact same thing! You should go for it - jeans are essential! :)

  2. 2.9 pounds, that's almost ridiculous! Congratulations! ^^

  3. I bought jeans and they are size 16!!!! From the plus size store but man I'll take it because their is only 14 after this in the plus size. Can't wait to be done with plus size stores!