Thursday, September 16, 2010


I can't believe it myself, but I hurt myself at Yoga.  I was really enjoying the class, it was crazy challenging which I like most of the time. She had us doing down dog and then lifting up onto our toes, arching our backs and moving in to plank.  The reverse.  It was great, it was hard.  I was shaking but doing ok and then it happened.  A crack and pop and a sharp pain on the left side of my hip.  OUCH!  I left class for a minute and stretched out my hip, it felt a little better so I went back and just took the last 20 minutes of class pretty easy.  But today it still hurts like crazy.  I had to actually take some meds at work today because walking is really aggravating it.  I'll be off to the chiropractor after work tomorrow to have him look at it.  I am sure this won't derail anything for me, my hips often pop out due to an old injury.  I guess just a reminder from my body that pushing is good, pushing too hard is not.  



  1. I hope you will be better soon! Take the hint, give yourself some rest!

  2. Hope it feels better soon! I hate exercise injuries.