Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Already......ugh!

Where, oh where did my weekend go?  I feel like it just got here.  Seems like I am back to the grind for the week.  I have to say though that I can't wait till next week when all my classes start up.   I went to the gym tonight but only swam in the pool nothing exciting.  I love being in the pool but when it is full of hard core swimmers I feel like I am in the way I have no room to swim,  I just wish they would put up signage or something for speed of the lanes because inevitably the 'good' swimmers get all ticked that us 'slow' swimmers are there.   I figure I pay my membership fees just like them.  They can suck it up.  

So this weekend brought with it the worse PMS symptoms I have had in months.  I was ravenous.  I was just starving.  I can't be the only one who gets like this.  I did pretty good but must admit that I took a second serving of desert on Sunday.  Oh well, hopefully that subsides soon because I would have killed for chocolate tonight and if I don't get this under control ASAP the scale is not going to have good news for me come Friday.  

I have to wonder, do any of you sometimes fee like you could eat anything in sight?  What do you do to stop yourself or do you just let it happen? 



  1. Concerning swimming - yes, the slow swimmers can drive you mad (a colleague and I swim 1,000 meters every Tuesday, and we've picked up at least a little speed), but with most people and unless it's really crowded, there are ways to arrange the lanes so you don't have to kill each other. Most Tuesdays, we swim in 8-shapes rather than in straight lines, and I don't mind...

    As for PMS, I don't know if it helps you, but try eating iron-containing stuff like broccoli, nuts, spinach, meat - I had this craving for chocolate for many years, but by now it has been replaced by craving for meat and broccoli. Much healthier. (^v^) And when I feel like I could eat everything - sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Depends on my overall mood. But of course I try not to.

  2. Unfortunately, yes I do sometimes feel like i could eat everything in sight. And I usually give in. :( I think it's just something you have to learn to deal with - maybe let yourself have a small portion of the thing you want the most, then brush your teeth and find something else to occupy your mind.

    I'm a slow swimmer too and I feel embarassed. I think you should suggest having "slow" "medium" and "fast" lanes marked - then if you are swimming in the slow lane, no one has any reason to be upset. If they are annoyed, they are probably in the wrong lane so it's their own fault.

  3. Thanks ladies! The hunger is much more normal today. I just hate days like that.

    Diandra - I tend to each lots of iron rich food due to my anemia; I also take iron supplements. Changing out the cravings would be lovely though.

    Debbie - the lane markers will hopefully go up tonight when I go swimming because I hate feeling like I am in the way when I am doing my very best. Oh well!