Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a day!

I had one of those days you know the ones where you run and run and run and get so frustrated because you feel like you are going no where.  No what I mean?  Well I felt like that today with my work and my eating.  With work I just feel like perhaps I am not doing my job as well as I could be, I am at a loss of what to do with a particular group of students.  Nothing I seem to do gets there attention or their focus.  I know I am the french teacher that none of the students like, that parents don't support and that colleagues chuckle at when I say I have had a rough day with their classes but gosh this has got to get better.  I really do love my job 99% of the time today was just one of those days where I don't.  They happen and I know tomorrow will be better.  Food wise, I forgot to pack my lunch so I ended up eating what was available in the school, a small chocolate milk, cheddar sunchips and a piece of apple pie.  What the heck kinda lunch is that!!!  No wonder the scale is NOT moving for me.  My sweet hubby is away this weekend and I am hoping to use that time to plan out my school schedule, get organized and get focused again.  I really am missing that loss on the scale but I am thrilled that it has not moved up.  

Hope you all have had a better day!


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