Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have been interested in yoga for quite sometime.  I love the way it looks and how calm it is. However, I had never ever attend a class.  I have done yoga at home over the last few years but I have to say it does not really compare to the in class experience.  My friends over at A Nu(de) Motivation have been doing yoga together since we started this challenge.  I unfortunately live far away from them so I haven't been able to partake.  And honestly I was happy with just doing it at home until yesterday.  I was inspired to get my butt to a class by Emily over at The Front Burner.  If you check out the link, she wrote a fabulous beginner's guide to yoga.  It explains everything from what to expect to what you need to bring with you.  So much really useful information for a newbie like me.  

So last night I set out to my gym knowing there was a yoga class being offered.  I got there a little late and almost chickened out because I got lost (it's a pretty big gym) and couldn't find the room I was looking for.  I talked myself back into it and headed to the front desk for directions.  Once, I got to the class they had already started and I almost back out again.  But as luck or fate or whatever would have it, one of my new buddies from the pool was late too and she encourage me to head in even though we where late.  So in I went.  The class was great.  My self talk was not.  I really have to work on this.  Again, I was really worried about what everyone else what thinking, not good.  I eventually calmed myself enough that the voice inside my head stopped.  It was great.  The class was hard for me, even though she didn't lead us into anything complicated. I was a sweaty mess by the end of it and when I looked around everyone else seemed so relaxed, no sweat.  Oh well, I am who I am, and I am a sweater. LOL  I will certainly be heading back for more next week and I won't be late.   

After a great yoga session, I headed to the pool and swam for half an hour.  It's funny how all of sudden I just feel like I belong at the gym instead of being a visitor.  I know all the regulars and they say hello and smile at me.  It's just really nice to feel like I belong.  

I am off to enjoy another day, albeit a gloomy one.



  1. That's fantastic Leah! Hopefully your new BFFs will help keep you motivated to keep coming back. ;)

  2. Thanks Raegun! I think they will certainly keep me coming back for more.