Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Locker Room

I have always, always, always hated the locker room.  The idea of communal showers, changing in front of people or rather trying to hide has never appealed to me.  One of the biggest challenges to adjusting to going to the gym was getting over this hate/fear of the locker room.  It is after all really a necessary part of the gym and now that I am swimming every time I go, I have to change not once but twice...ugh. 

Hurdle one, trying to get from the shower to the locker area without creating a giant puddle.  There is a huge sign as you leave the shower area telling you to dry off before going to the locker.  Well there are a few problem with that.  #1 I don't bring my shower things into the pool area with me so I have to go to the locker before I even shower.  #2 I don't want to bring multiple towels so that I can accomplish the task of drying off twice.  I have honestly given up on this and just allow a small puddle to exists.  Those who can do it.  Good for you but I am a puddle creator apparently.

Hurdle two, learning to tie my bra behind my back.  I know, I know silly but seriously it makes the whole process easier.  And somehow I never taught myself before now.  

Hurdle three, I am so friggin worried about what everyone else is thinking.  Seriously, why I am so concerned if that very trim girl sees my large butt.  She's not paying attention to me, she's changing. This one I worked on so so hard. 

And so yesterday, after leaving the shower area.  I did not try to hide behind a towel, awkwardly trying not to drop it while putting on my girly things.  I just dried off and changed. And you know what.  I didn't die, no one said anything, no dirty looks....NOTHING!  Except it took me way less long to get dressed and get out of there.  I was thrilled with myself.  Clearly.  I felt the need to share. LOL 

I am off to enjoy the day!



  1. Congratulations! I used to hate the locker room back at school. Now, I don't go to the gym, and we have single changing cabins at the pool... but nevertheless I have gotten used to changing in front of friends and family. I think the BF is freaked out by that - only a bit. (^v^)

  2. Thanks Diandra. I just find it such a mental challenge to tell my inner critic to shut up when I am in there.