Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a week!

This week it just seemed to never end!  But alas here is the glorious weekend I have been waiting for.  I hit the gym 3 days so far this week and will squeeze in another workout today or tomorrow.  I also ate really well this week and was rewarded with a 1.5lbs loss!   I was so sore on Thursday that a workout was just not possible.  This boot camp class is literally kicking my ass and although it is so painful it is giving me something to work towards and I am always so proud when I finish the class!  

Today really showed me how far I have come since June.  In June, I remember being baby crazy, my hormones where out of whack severely.  Thankfully with the weight loss and exercise things have settled and I am back to my normal self.  I know in June, if I had received the news I got today, someone we are very close with announced they are expecting, I would have been green with envy.  Today when my husband told me the news I was blissfully happy for the couple.  What a welcomed changed.  And a reminder that not all my success come on the scale.  My life is so much fuller and richer then it was in June.

I am looking forward to breaking into the 240s at some point soon.  I am just gonna keep on plugging away at this and I know that I will be successful.


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  1. By the way, do you know the blog "escape from obesity"? It's very inspirational... sorry, don't have the URL at hand, you might have to look it up on the web...