Sunday, November 7, 2010

So this weekend kinda got away on me. We have been crazy busy getting organized to start the 2nd part of our renovation. Things were going well till my husband put a rusty nail in his foot. Needless to say we've been sitting at emerge for almost 3 hours now and it dawns on me that I can blog from my new iPhone. Hooray!!!

This week was ok my snacking is still out of control and there are simply no excises for it. I want this and I need to start acting like it. Groceries are done and meals planned out for next week so all I do is stay out of restaurants and this will all work out. I also think my body has gotten use to my workouts. I must add the weight lifting back in and ramp up my effort during my classes.

Oh yeah weight this week is 256.4. Here's hoping next week goes better.


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