Thursday, September 9, 2010

Convenience Food :(

So with school starting and me heading back to work, even just part time, I can already see that convenience food creeping it's way back into my diet.  Oh dear.  I must must must take the time this weekend to pre-cook some really healthy meals so that we don't have this issue.  I believe the crock pot may make a return in my home.  I have one but we rarely use it despite how friggin awesome it is!  

I have done really well keeping up with the exercise though, I have not missed a class, thanks to my husband.  That in and of itself is a huge accomplishment.  Friday is a day of rest as always and then it will be back to renovation for the weekend.  I am really hoping that the weather clears up so that I can ride my bike a little tomorrow even though it's a no gym day. 

Any ideas for quick and easy healthy foods I can make?


  1. There's many healthy dishes that do not require much work. Most dishes I cook only need about 30min in the kitchen - that's not really more than the time convenience food needs, and it's a lot healthier - and cheaper!

    I posted one of my favorite recipes over here <<< >>> a few days ago, complete with pictures.


  2. Pop by my blog for some great recipes, Leah. I try to post one every Tuesday and they're always things that are healthy, easy to throw together, and GREAT as a leftover lunch the next day.
    Getting the crock pot out is a great idea. I think you've inspired me to include a crock recipe for next week's post! ;)

  3. The best thing that i do is over cook. Instead of cooking for 2 i cook for 4, then there are 2 lunches waiting for me and my husband. It's easier to grab a tupperware of food, then grab something that won't make you feel good grabbing it. Keep going you are doing awesome!!

    Miss Bea -your fellow Nudie :)

  4. Thanks ladies these are all great suggestions!